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act’o-soft is an IT company from Halle (Westf.) with a passion for the topics of POS software, ERP, apps and services. With innovative software products, we have been enabling our customers to make their daily work successful and future-proof for over 20 years. Humane digitization is important to us – we make software with and for people.


Meet the team

We are act’o-softler and are proud of it! 

Christian ist Gründer von act’o-soft und führt das Unternehmen seit der ersten Stunde als Geschäftsführer. Die humane Digitalisierung treibt ihn neben der Strategie und Personalentwicklung an.
Christian - Geschäftsführer act’o-soft

Christian is the founder of act'o-soft and has led the company as managing director since the very beginning. He is driven by humane digitization in addition to strategy and human resources development.

Norbert - act’o-soft

At work, Norbert is always "binary". Fortunately, the system & database architect of our integration layer is always a 1 in this. He tries to balance his private time for this "analog".

System- & Database-Architect
Angelika - act’o-soft

Angelika is involved in personnel development. She enjoys attracting and developing people. Innovation and organization are her world - in the company, as well as in volunteer organization and leadership of group trips.

Executive Assistant, HR
Kaja - act’o-soft

As HR Assistant, Kaja supports the People & Culture team and is the contact person for trainees, interns and students. The passionate rider finds her private happiness on horseback and in nature.

HR Assistant
Simon - act’o-soft

The passionate footballer knows all possible positions of our product suite pos4brand and puts together the right lineup for our customers.

Product Owner

At reception, Tanja greets everyone with a warm smile and ensures smooth organisation. In her free time, our friendly colleague loves to relax in her garden or spend time with her family.

Elmar - act’o-soft

"To improve something, you have to understand it," Elmar says, and he does both with attention to detail and a chess player's systematic approach.

Senior Business Consultant
Benjamin - act’o-soft

Honesty and transparency are the foundation of any relationship. Benjamin knows the challenges of the fashion retailer like the back of his hand and passionately represents the interests of his customers.

Customer Success Manager
Valentina - act’o-soft

With her open and fun-loving nature, Valentina supports the Finance team and can use her strengths of organization and responsibility there. In her private life, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Finance, HR
Marvin - act’o-soft

Marvin is Head of Technology & Service, determined and often solves problems before anyone notices them.

Head of Service Operation
Janik - act’o-soft

Janik takes on every new challenge with a smile: And not only as an IT specialist for system integration. He has a soft spot for art & culture and is passionate about photography, which he often combines with traveling.

Service Operation
Jochen - act’o-soft

As a product owner, the hobby musician works in harmony with his team to ensure that pos4brand continues to develop harmoniously.

Product Owner
Lennart - act’o-soft

"Simplicity is not a simple thing." - Charlie Chaplin

Junior Art Director
Alexander - act’o-soft

Alexander's mission is to create a better shopping experience in fashion stores. As a Senior Business Consultant for Dynamics 365, he is an expert in the right processes. In his private life, Alexander enjoys spending time with his dog or taking a spin in his convertible.

Head of ERP solutions
Susan - act’o-soft

Susan feels at home in marketing and gives free rein to her creativity. With her cheerful nature, she not only makes her colleagues smile, but also her two children, with whom she enjoys spending her free time. What does she particularly appreciate about her work? The team, the diverse and exciting tasks, and the fact that no two days are ever the same.

Volker - act’o-soft

Volker is interested in the people and the figures at act'o-soft. As Humboldt said, everything is connected to everything else, and so all areas of the company are important and must be taken into account and considered.

Head of Finance
Lutz - act’o-soft

If Lutz is not with his family at the North Sea, then he develops software. His specialties: act'o-cash2 and EFT interfaces.

Software Development
Maximilian - act’o-soft

Max enriches our ERP team as a Business Consultant. Whether as a spectator, player or driver, in his spare time the sportsman loves everything to do with soccer, fitness and also motor sports.

Business Consultant
Marc - act’o-soft

As a newly qualified IT specialist for application development, Marc ensures the quality of pos4brand in the POS Core team. He knows a lot about good quality, because he also likes to prove it in his private life while cooking. In his free time, Marc also relaxes by gaming or watching trendy series and movies.

Quality Assurance
Carsten - act’o-soft

As a Senior Business Consultant, Carsten has been involved with finance and accounting in Axapta since its earliest versions. In addition, the certified project specialist promotes mass sports in his spare time as an examiner for the German Sports Badge at VfL Pinneberg.

Senior Business Consultant
Oliver - act’o-soft

IT has always been Oliver's passion, law his fascination. He is able to combine both wonderfully in his work as a Fiscal Consultant. In his spare time, he likes to go hiking or to study history and politics.

Fiscal Consultant
Nico - act’o-soft

Nico is part of our ERP team and is passionate about wholesale and retail processes. Since he comes from the fashion sector, he is in the right place with us. In his free time, he likes to demonstrate his sporting qualities by playing soccer or diving in the sea.

Junior Business Consultant
Markus - act’o-soft

The passion of our Scrum Master/Agile Coach lies especially in the area of New Work and potential development. In his private life, he loves to spend time with his small family, cook to relax and is interested in photography.

Scrum Master / Agile Coach

Jannis loves a challenge - both professionally in the Customer Success team and in fitness training or cooking in his free time. He loves spontaneous actions and spending time with friends, family or his two cats.

Customer Success Manager
Marius - act’o-soft

Marius is the helping hand for hardware and software questions. He assists in support with questions about the POS solution.

Service Operation
Larissa - act’o-soft

IT is the future - which is why Larissa quickly decided to study business informatics in the field of IT consulting. The athletic dual student brings a breath of fresh air to the company and proves that women don't have to hide in the IT industry.

Junior Sales Manager
David - act’o-soft

David is only satisfied with the best solution, which he works on continuously. As a team player, he loves to spend his free time on the soccer field or playing the saxophone.

Software Development
Christian - act’o-soft

The app team can count itself richer with Christian. The likeable family man is dedicated and focused to the development of our apps and web services. In his private life he likes to be there for his family!

Software Development
Jannis - act’o-soft

Problem solving as well as creative problem solving are Janni's element. In his free time, he lifts weights and does online gaming with his friends.

Software Development

Katharina's hobbies are as varied as her tasks as a Scrum Master / Agile Coach. Our empathetic and funny colleague from overseas likes to spend her free time reading, baking, knitting and playing tennis.

Scrum Master / Agile Coach
Timo - act’o-soft

Our Product Owner Timo has a degree in computer science and, as a former developer, finds the solution for every requirement particularly quickly and purposefully. He finds his balance by cooking with friends and doing sports.

Product Owner
Uwe - act’o-soft

Uwe is a passionate developer with more than 20 years of experience. With a smile on his face and especially a lot of composure, he is responsible for our checkout solution at our company. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and riding his motorcycle.

Software Development
Andre - act’o-soft

André is all about GUI programming and design. As a hobby keyboard player he always hits the right note for the look & feel of our interfaces.

Software Development
Raphael - act’o-soft

Raphael is a trained computer scientist. As an outgoing problem solver, he recreates the errors of our customers. The supporter finds compensation in playing music.

Service Operation

Programming cool software is Dennis' great passion. The likeable software developer and creative mind likes to end team meetings with the words "Let's fetz!" and relaxes in his free time by painting, photographing and making music.

Software Development
Daniel - act’o-soft

As a trained business information scientist with roots in retail, Daniel is an outgoing person and always strives to make customers and colleagues happy. The family man loves to grill for a living and hardly misses a game of his Green Bay Packers.

Service Operation

Hanna got her enthusiasm for software and IT from her father and from playing video games. She has known for a long time that she wanted to become a software developer. That's why our friendly colleague decided to start an apprenticeship right away after an internship with us. Hanna's heart beats for cats and handball and she likes it quiet, except when it comes to music.

Software Development
Thomas - act’o-soft

Professionally, Thomas is at home in supply chain management and likes to improve processes in ERP. Floorball, squash and exploring the background of whiskies are on his agenda in his free time.

Business Consultant
Krzysztof - act’o-soft

Krzysztof likes it exciting and likes to combine classic model making with modern technology (IoT) in his spare time. Of course, it should also work, because good quality is his top priority.

Quality Assurance
Christoph - act’o-soft

As a choir member, Christoph knows: Perfection is an illusion. No reason not to strive for it as a software tester.

Quality Assurance
Dominik - act’o-soft

At night, Dominik looks up: Sky watching and photography are his hobbies. During the day, he lets his software drive fiscal printers.

Software Development
Andrs - act’o-soft

André always has an open ear for our customers. The supporter recreates the customers' cases in our test systems.

Service Operation
Eduard - act’o-soft

Quality is Eduard's top priority. As both a software tester and an amateur chef, only the best is good enough.

Quality Assurance
Vinzenz - act’o-soft

As a passionate programmer and technology lover, he is always looking for new developments and challenges. Away from that, he is an avid bowler and plays online games with his friends.

Software Development

Miriam, our helpful colleague from support, is passionate about retro computers and consoles, travelling and her Harley. She helps our customers with problems related to the act4brand product suite.

Service Operation
Marius - act’o-soft

Marius studied business informatics and enriches our development with web services and cross-platform modules. The versatile bundle of energy likes to use his free time for motorcycling, weight training or for a BBQ in his self-built smoker.

Software Development
Andre - act’o-soft

Andre makes interfaces "fly". The tennis player tries to make the impossible possible. With success.

Software Development
Dominik - act’o-soft

Dominik completed his training with us as an IT specialist for system integration. In his free time, he likes to get a taste of high-altitude air - hiking in the Alps, he has already climbed a record-breaking 1930 m.

Teamlead Support
Sebastian - act’o-soft

Excitement? Not with Sebastian. Rumors in which the developer rants about uncommented code could not be confirmed.

Software Development
Saskia - act’o-soft

With patience and enthusiasm, Saskia devotes herself to even the most complex software development challenges. In her free time, she gives free rein to her creativity at the piano and on the sheet of music.

Software Development

"Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product."

- Hermann Tietz -

"Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product." - Hermann Tietz

Quality Assurance

Pascal loves programming. As an IT specialist for application development, he was able to turn his hobby into his profession. He likes everything to do with engines, enjoys driving cars and motorbikes in his free time and plays with his friends on his PC.

Software Development
Christian - act’o-soft

Our friendly supporter Christian is communicative and determined: whether running in nature or solving our customers' problems - he is only satisfied when he has been able to achieve his goals.

Service Operation

Rock, metal and lofi are high on Alexander's agenda when the humorous and ambitious software developer is not programming. He gives free rein to his creativity as a guitarist and singer with his band or at home as a hobby game designer.

Software Development

Thomas discovered his passion for programming in high school. With humour and ease, he loves to deal with bugs or other errors in our software suite. He can also use his knowledge perfectly as a volunteer in the evangelical youth work at computer workshops.

Software Development

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt -

Software Development