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Design Thinking

Design thinking is a method for innovation that uses a repetitive process to produce results to solve complex problems. With the method, users pursue the goal of generating new and innovative solutions. The term design therefore stands not only for the external appearance of a product, but for a holistic approach.

We at act’o-soft carry out the process of design thinking together with our customers. The questions and problems are becoming more and more complex and the adherence to a controlled standard more and more difficult.

With the Design Thinking process we involve our customers in the creation of solutions. Thus, with the help of design thinking, a new user experience in pos4brand was created together with our customers.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how act’o-soft drives innovation and solves complex problems together with you.

Agile collaboration

Agile methods not only serve to improve the way we work, but additionally define our attitude. We at act-o soft work according to SCRUM. Why? Because it allows us to respond even faster to changes and requirements of our customers and to constantly improve our products.

Scrum is a framework for project and product management. Where complex requirements have to be implemented, Scrum is particularly effective. Highly qualified teams work iteratively on a product. The incremental approach allows a customer-oriented, disproportionate speed to respond to specific customer needs individually. Through this type of approach, not only our products but also our employees are on a continuous path of improvement.

Agile Zusammenarbeit - act’o-soft

What we offer:

We look back on several years of experience in agile projects. Thus, we also offer our know-how to our customers. Info events, coaching and workshops on Scrum and agile transformations are just a few points from our portfolio.

If you are interested in agile methods and frameworks, please contact us. Our certified Scrum Masters will be happy to help you and can specifically address your individual requirements.

Fiscal consulting

act’o-soft is a specialist in the implementation of fiscal law requirements. With a network of international partners and internal specialists, we inform our customers about legal changes in the fiscal countries and the associated implementations in the country-specific cash register solution.

With this service act’o-soft wants to make its customers aware of efforts and timelines at an early stage, in order to meet the legal deadlines and to enable a comfortable transition with a new version.

Our customers should be relieved by the preparation of the legal requirements, the proactive notification and the preparation. In order to focus on their important strategic issues and accelerate time-to-market for projects.

Services of act'o-soft fiscal consulting

Information about
  • Fiscalization background
  • Software customizations
  • Change complexity
  • Hardware-Rollout
  • Firmware-Updates
  • Legal deadlines
  • Certification
Service and consulting
  • Fiskalmonitoring
  • Ad-Hoc Information
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Fiscal roadmap
  • Translation in German
  • Individual advice
  • Fiskal-Community