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We continuously invest in people's smiles and

  • ... in state-of-the-art workstations
  • ... in method development
  • ... in know-how and training
  • ... in team building and employee retention
  • ... in technology that helps and empowers people
… so that work is not the stupid part of life.

Looking to the future with a smile

When we founded our act’o-soft as a classic start-up in the last millennium, we wanted nothing less than to create the best checkout solution for stationary retail. Why was that at the time, what drove us to do it?

The mother of one of the company’s founders worked at the checkout in a large discounter. The Sundays of his mother’s childhood and adolescence were characterized by memorizing multi-digit article numbers. Anyone who worked at the checkout back then had to know the entire article master by heart and be able to enter the article numbers blindly into the cash register.
These formative Sundays were a weighty reason and impetus for us to found the company. We wanted to make his mother’s working life and her Sundays better.

That was what drove us to found the company.
That is why our act’o-soft exists.
Our unchangeable company purpose: to make the act of buying possible and to improve the working life of people in commerce.

Our drive, our vision and our guiding star are derived from this awareness:

act’o-soft Geschäftsführer Christian

Together we create the future of commerce, for a world in which people smile through us.

Partner network

act’o-soft has an extensive and long-standing partner portfolio from various sectors, which are used by act’o-soft existing customers
and from which you can profit as a new customer.

Here you can find an excerpt of act’o-soft partners: