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With customer-oriented IT services, we support and inspire the users of our products every day.

Support and Service

We cover all your support levels. Thus, act’o-soft can take over your 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level support itself or with long-term partners. act’o-soft creates a service concept with you for your POS solution or mobile applications, whether with on-call service at the weekend, with installation of your servers in a cloud environment or time shifts due to other time zones.

CSI as a continuous improvement of your IT service

Continual Service Improvement also focuses on the phase after solution implementation.
The aim is to align IT services with changing business requirements and to identify improvements on an ongoing basis in order to continuously optimize business processes.

We work with you to improve targets and metrics in a clear rhythm. On this basis, we uncover your potential for improvement. Analyses of extensive IT data are just as much part of the CSI toolbox as surveys, structured interviews, on-site visits and consideration of the concrete situations in the stores and at the workplaces.


Furthermore, we accompany your employees in the stores to successfully implement a pilot store together with you and to manage unforeseen events. In addition, instructions are provided for you, which simplify and accelerate the commissioning of the act4brand applications. The pilot phase is very closely supported by support staff in order to be able to react quickly and agilely in case of problems.

Project Management

During the introduction of one of our products, you will be accompanied by an agile project team. This project team usually consists of a product owner, a member of the Service Operations team, and your Customer Success Manager.

In addition to the agile project teams, certified project managers are called in for large interdisciplinary projects. In addition to the right contacts, you have access to act’o-soft’s product roadmap, so you can always see which features and functions are being planned at act’o-soft.

To get more information about the project, all act’o-soft customers are invited to the 2-week sprint review to view the current sprint results from the teams.

Mitarbeiter von act’o-soft

Trainings made by act'o-soft

act’o-soft offers various training approaches for the POS pos4brand and the apps4brand, which are coordinated and designed together with our customers. Whether a key user training for your internal multipliers, an on-site or remote follow-up training as well as a group training at act’o-soft’s Head Quarter can be requested.

Key-user training

On-site training

Group training

Remote training


It is very important to act’o-soft that all existing customers receive at least 1-2 specific new requirements per year. At the same time, existing customers benefit from the continuous development of new product features or from the provision of fiscal solutions for new expansion countries.

Release management is coordinated very closely with your Customer Success Manager who, together with the Product Owner, coordinates the deliveries of your versions. This way, your version is always up to date and, at the same time, your general conditions such as freezes during the Christmas business, vacations of your employees or strategic challenges are taken into account.