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Cash register hardware

act’o-soft has long-standing partner relationships with the most important hardware manufacturers for retail. As a result, act’o-soft customers use various systems which we have jointly tested, piloted and rolled out.

The services offered by act’o-soft include support in the hardware tendering process, the creation of the golden image and the execution of pen tests. In addition to the checkout hardware services, act’o-soft itself offers hardware from its partner network for its lifestyle and fashion retailers.

Our partners
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Mobile Devices

We have already successfully completed a large number of joint projects with market leaders Honeywell and Zebra. At act’o-soft, in addition to the apps4brand software, you can also purchase the right hardware for your mobile processes in your stores.

Especially the mobile solutions from Honeywell and Zebra are very suitable for the store processes of apps4inventory due to their stability, performance and reaction during barcode scanning. We would be happy to advise you on the right choice of hardware for our mobile solution suite and to conduct a lab pilot with you to optimize your decision-making basis.

Our partners

Staging & Rollout

act’o-soft has a large number of partners who can support the hardware in a cash register implementation project. The partners receive the golden image after agreement between our customers and act’o-soft. Then the cash registers are staged and shipped to the stores. act’o-soft also offers the staging and rollout by partners in the function of a general contractor, so that everything is in one hand and all quality standards are checked as well as adhered to.

Our partners