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27. November 2023

Erfolgreiche PAYBACK-Anbindung an Kassensoftware pos4brand

Collect PAYBACK points with SiNN

SiNN uses points not only to promote the fashion retailer's favorite pattern, but primarily to collect and redeem PAYBACK points. Since summer 2023, this has been possible in all 34 of the fashion retailer's stores across Germany. SiNN is one of our long-standing customers and has been using our checkout software since 2012.

Why did the fashion retailer choose PAYBACK? And how we implemented the project together with SiNN is explained in this success story.


Reward customer loyalty with PAYBACK

In an age of increasing digitalization and countless online shopping opportunities, customer acquisition and retention in brick-and-mortar retail has become a major challenge. This is why SiNN has decided to introduce PAYBACK as a loyalty program in addition to the SiNN app. With PAYBACK, points can be collected and redeemed with every purchase. Customers receive benefits in the form of discounts, vouchers and attractive rewards. This enables the company to retain its customers in a more targeted and effective way and reward them at the same time. This makes SiNN one of over 600 PAYBACK partners.


Project implementation in two steps

After agreeing the project objectives, our project team proceeded in two steps. First, the team developed a solution to enable customers to collect PAYBACK points at the point of sale (POS). This involves transferring the PAYBACK card number with the sales data from the POS to PAYBACK. In return, PAYBACK sends the points earned and the current points balance back to the POS.

In the second development stage, a solution was implemented that allows customers to redeem their PAYBACK points at the POS by using the existing EFT device at the checkout. Customers have the option of linking their PAYBACK number to their SiNN customer account in the SiNN app. At the checkout, this data can be scanned via a QR code from the smartphone or via the physical cards. Thanks to the iterative approach to project implementation, an optimal solution was developed that ensures a smooth process at the POS. This was successfully integrated into the checkout software within just two months.

"We are very pleased that we were able to implement the project so quickly together with act'o-soft and that we can offer our customers real added value with PAYBACK. The new offer harmonizes perfectly with the SiNN customer app," explains Thomas Wanke, Managing Director of SiNN GmbH.


SiNN at a glance

SiNN GmbH, headquartered in Hagen, has an impressive company history of almost 175 years and has its roots in traditional itinerant trade. At that time, traders moved from place to place with baskets, the so-called "Kiepen", on their backs to sell their goods.

Today, the fashion company operates throughout Germany under the "Das macht SiNN" brand and has 34 stores and 1,500 employees. The wide-ranging product portfolio includes over 500 brands and labels in the medium to high price segment.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the project for the successful realization of the PAYBACK connection to pos4brand and look forward to further cooperation!