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App4Sales - Actosoft

Advising the customer appreciatively

With apps4brand you enable your store staff to provide optimal advice thanks to information about the customer, item availability, prices and promotions.

Create a shopping cart on the sales floor and conveniently transfer it to the checkout. Create space for interaction and accompany your customers to your touchpoints for an optimal shopping experience.

Increase your sales through mobile sales processes and customer loyalty

Long-term customer loyalty

With apps4brand’s CRM features, you can add the customer directly to your loyalty program and the customer application process is fully digitized.

Get all the data you need to provide your customers with the best possible advice and retain them in the long term.

Omni Channel - Actosoft
Omni Channel - Actosoft

Omni-channel on the sales floor

Enable the store team to respond quickly to requests for items from the web store or from another store. And give the customer the information about the status afterwards.

The articles can be tested directly in the store and can be directly returned or combined with other articles with the online return of pos4brand.

Everything at a glance

With apps4brand you have directly all article information and stocks immediately available.

You can display the color-size matrix for the articles, zoom into the article image and, after selecting the desired combination, display the global availabilities or the variants in the store.

The display of the article information can be configured via drag and drop.

Artikelinfo - actosoft
Artikelinfo - actosoft
Mobiler Warenkorb Pfeil und Schatten
Mobiler Warenkorb Pfeil und Schatten

No queues at your checkouts

Your employee can use apps4brand to compile a shopping cart on the sales floor, use automatic recommendations and take promotions into account.

By transferring directly from the shopping cart to the checkout, you prevent queues and round off the shopping experience.