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27. September 2022

Re-certification France 2021

Successful re-certification of our cash register solution as a result of good teamwork

In France, annual recertification is required for cash registers. This involves implementing new legal requirements and making the associated changes to the POS solution. Furthermore, functional enhancements to the POS system since the last certification must be approved against the background of legal conformity.

After completion of this year’s recertification audit, our POS solution pos4brand was certified in France for another year. Our fiscal team was able to directly implement the relevant new requirements, thus achieving the certificate again. Thanks to a large partner network and the maintenance and continuous development of fiscal know-how, act’o-soft will also be able to ensure upcoming (re-)certifications.

Such a recertification process is one of the tasks of act’o-soft’s fiscal team. The team implements fiscal requirements and ensures that our POS solutions always comply with the current legal requirements.

In addition, the team evaluates and integrates new fiscal solutions to adapt to legal and technical conditions as well as to enable our customers’ expansion into new countries.

Whether it’s recommendations for a fiscal printer, the issuance of fiscal documents, or the integration of a technical security unit (TSE) – we support you with fiscal challenges and recommend our proactive fiscal consulting service. With this service, you will be made aware of upcoming legal changes and associated deadlines at an early stage. This relieves you of the burden of preparation and allows you to focus on your core business.

When integrating fiscal solutions, we attach great importance to safeguarding our customers’ branch processes as best as possible within the framework of the legal requirements. We present necessary changes and relevant information transparently to our customers and are happy to engage in an open exchange!

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