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15. December 2020


Cash register solution shines in new splendor

At the beginning of 2021, act'o-soft will launch a new interface design for the two pos4brand user interfaces. With TEDi, the first existing customer has switched to the new checkout layout.

In the development of the new design, a new UX concept for pos4brand in combination with new UI elements was created in addition to the facelift for the label check out. The goal here was to leave the user guidance of the two user interface designs "Label Check Out" and "Fast Check Out" untouched. Tailored to the requirements and needs of our customers.

The new Fast Check Out concept was developed together with act'o-soft customers in several design thinking workshops and subsequently implemented by the development department. The development steps were presented to act'o-soft customers in 2-week sprint reviews, so that customer feedback could be immediately incorporated into further sprints.


Redesign of the pos4brand interface

The new appearance of the POS solution pos4brand, appears even more tangible and realistic thanks to the soft UI elements.

The targeted use of light and shadow makes the active function buttons stand out. You get direct visual feedback by displaying the touched button curved inwards. This creates a familiar overall impression that makes using the interface an intuitive experience.

This type of presentation perfectly reflects act'o-soft's understanding, for a brilliant POS system. A very harmonious and well-rounded overall impression that creates room for a smile in the interaction with your customers.

In addition, the possibility has been created for you as an act'o-soft customer to use your own corporate identity in the chosen design. In the future, your logo will be displayed in the application and you, as the customer, will be able to determine the color of the accents, which will be used in the lines, frames and symbols, among other things.

Below we present the advantages of the new UI and the new UX of pos4brand.

Omni Channel act’o-soft
Omni Channel act’o-soft

Label Check Out

The new Label Check Out user interface is excellently suited for retailers with a strong focus on customer centricity and sales consulting.

With the new concept, omni-channel functions, among others, are presented in a visual and user-friendly way for you. For example, the most diverse shopping cart elements such as sales items, open invoices, returns items, gift cards, web store items from a Ship2Store pickup and many more are clearly differentiated visually for you in the Label Check Out. This allows your store staff to keep track of complex processes to increase customer satisfaction.

Among other things, this layout also visualizes a comprehensive amount of item information for you, which helps your employees to conduct a high-quality consultation and thus offer the end customer the best possible shopping experience.

Fast Check Out

The Fast Check Out user interface is particularly suitable for retailers with a focus on the fast processing of simple sales transactions. In addition, the concept is also excellent for jewelry and watch retailers. Because of small items such as rings or charms, visual matching is made possible.

By immediately comparing the scanned items and the item image, you avoid potential sources of error. The quick keys allow you to perform quick actions in the sales process. For example, you can change quantities, assign discounts, define a gift item or reserve the item. Manage variably in seconds the different processes and speed up your sales process without sacrificing quality in the sales conversation.

The high-performance UX design allows you to use the pos4brand checkout solution in store networks with more than 2,000 checkouts. Create space for interaction with your customers and ensure a fulfilling shopping experience.

Fast Checkout act’o-soft
Fast Checkout act’o-soft