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I am 50 years old, married, father of three children and a passionate musician. I’ve been playing the clarinet for 30 years, the saxophone in an orchestra for a few years now, and I’ve been enthusiastic about working with IT for a similar length of time. In May 2020 I was accepted by the act’o-soft family.

Experience meets innovation

Jochen has had an affinity for IT since his youth. After his civilian service, he completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk. However, he quickly realized that this profession did not fulfill him in the long run and so he then oriented himself in the direction of IT.

Jochen’s professional career covers all stages in the field of IT. He has worked as a supporter, developer, trainer and project manager.

10 years ago he got to know the agile framework Scrum through a development project. This new way of working excited him so much that he took a certification to become a Scrum Master.

In order to be able to use and apply this Scrum knowledge more intensively, Jochen applied to act’o-soft. Since he likes to find solution-oriented ways for tasks and implement them together with customers and users, he took on the role of Product Owner in the POScore team.

“A big challenge for me in the beginning was to first understand the different needs of the customers and the end users,” Jochen explained to us.

Jochen act’o-soft
Jochen act’o-soft

Part of the POS Core Teams

One of his favorite tasks is to search for the best solution together with the team and the customers. The exciting part is to change his perspective, to promote, follow and accompany processes.

He especially likes the fact that the POScore team consists of younger and experienced colleagues. This is also emphasized by our Scrum Master Markus: “Diversification promotes discussion and creativity in the team”.

Cross team collaboration

Jochen also works very closely with our other product owners and attaches great importance to a daily exchange. Important decisions are made in cross-product coordination meetings.

Jochen act’o-soft

Continuous personal development

Jochen feels that he still has potential to develop further. He likes to always reflect on himself, constantly educate himself and also enjoys using an online learning platform that act’o-soft makes available to its employees free of charge. “It’s never too late to reorient yourself even in middle age and to have the courage to change,” Jochen emphasizes.

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