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apps4brand – Product Info

With the article info module of our apps4brand, detailed product information can be displayed in real time

By simply scanning or manually entering them on your mobile device, you have the ability to capture the items you want and use them efficiently for merchandise management.

Check important details like item images, prices, sizes and much more in the basic information tab. If needed, select different variants of the item with just one click or make sure it’s the item you’re looking for by clicking on the item image and using the zoom function.

To find out the stock of your item, click on the Availability tab and you will get the information in which of your stores the entered item is in stock. Via the General Info you get the information in which processes the selected product is located. Here you can see, among other things, whether the item is in goods receipt or goods issue.

With apps4brand, your employees have complete control over the product stocks and can also easily carry out stock corrections, price changes, stock transfers and much more.

Let our IT trainer demonstrate the usability and features of apps4brand’s item info in our latest presentation video.