I am 21 years old and the first female dual student at act’o-soft. After graduating from high school, I wanted to learn a future-oriented profession in which I have customer contact and can also use my language skills due to act’o-soft’s international orientation.

FHDW- Dual Study Business Informatics

FHDW- Dual Study Business Informatics

“I was looking for an industry with complex and diverse topics, where agile working is possible and where I can assert myself as a woman,” Larissa explained to us. Since IT is the future, she quickly decided to study business informatics with a focus on IT consulting.


Practice and theory combined

Practice and theory for the fast operational learning curve

Larissa could hardly imagine studying for several years without professional practice. Especially in the field of business informatics, many contexts, application possibilities or simply questions of understanding open up through simultaneous application in the profession.

Focusing on the customer together

Focusing on the customer together

As a dual student, she completes theory phases at the FHDW Bielefeld in 3-month alternations and is mainly deployed in the area of Customer Success Management during the practical phases.

During her studies, Larissa is supervised by her mentor Simon, who himself started his career as a dual student at act’o-soft.


Why act'o-soft?

Why act'o-soft?

The dual student got to know act’o-soft at the 2019 opening ceremony in Halle. The familiar atmosphere, the premises and the employees fascinated her, so she immediately applied for a day internship.

Larissa got the opportunity to participate in our Scrum workshop and get to know our act’o-soft family better. The work with Scrum, the high customer orientation as well as the corporate culture inspired Larissa and she wanted to become an act’o-softler afterwards.

This worked out and we are very happy to have the cheerful dual student in our team.

Larissa balances her mental work with various sports, for example jazz and modern dance or weight training. That’s why she can often be found in the act’o-ase fitness area after work.

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