What we
offer you

What we offer you
Family handling

A relaxed and familiar atmosphere in a motivated team

What we offer you
Agile working environment

We work, among other things, according to SCRUM in a modern working environment

What we offer you
Continuing education

Based on the latest product and technology developments

What we offer you

We want to hear your ideas!

What we offer you

Work and free time? No problem!

What we offer you
Mobile work

Work from home? Normal!

What we offer you
Retirement provision

A secure fund for the future

What we offer you

An act’o-ase with fitness equipment, Xbox, foosball, dartboard & more.

Human Resources Development

With us, you get room to develop your personality and your interests. We are open to your ideas, with which you can advance yourself and us. In joint discussions, we will find out in which areas you would like to be more involved, in which areas you could do further training, and we will work with you to find the optimal area of application for you.

Feel good

Our corporate culture is what keeps working hours from becoming a stupid part of life. Enthusiasm for the tasks and feeling good at work belong together at our company. A personal, family-like way of dealing with each other is what sets us apart. Come and visit us, see for yourself, let us inspire and excite you.

Working method according to Scrum

In order to further develop our software products quickly and efficiently, we work as a team according to the Scrum methodology. This offers our colleagues a lot of freedom and flexibility in the implementation of new requirements. Agile work and self-organization, a high level of co-determination and short communication channels bring a high level of satisfaction – both among our colleagues and our customers.

Um unsere Software-Produkte schnell und effizient weiter zu entwickeln, arbeiten wir im Team nach der Scrum-Methodik. Dies bietet unseren Kollegen viel Freiheit und Flexibilität in der Umsetzung von neuen Anforderungen. Agiles Arbeiten und Selbstorganisation, hohes Mitbestimmungsrecht und kurze Kommunikationswege bringen dabei eine hohe Zufriedenheit – sowohl bei unseren Kollegen, als auch unseren Kunden.

Team Play

Only together we are strong! Become part of our act’o-team. Our act’o-ase with kitchen, fitness equipment, Xbox, foosball etc. offers us many opportunities for exchange. Common leisure activities round off our togetherness. Everyone is welcome to join us true to the motto “Everything can, nothing must!”

Our passion is the empowerment and the enthusiasm of our customers!

More than 20 years experience

Our know-how built up over many years and our visions for the future are reflected in our products, which always strike a chord with the times. Through our software products, we enable our customers to carry out their daily work in their branches.

Flexible Technology

Our software fits perfectly into the infrastructures of our customers. Whether a standard solution or individual adaptations – we implement the needs of our customers.

Well-established team

The base for our success on the market is our team: Distinct know-how and team play, that is act’o-soft.