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Fiscalization France

Fiscalization France

Our fiscal solution since: 2018

Since January 2018, POS systems in France - such as POS software, cash registers and other payment systems - must meet specific requirements regarding the integrity, security, storage and archiving of data. These are also known as the "ISCA principles" (Inalterability, Security, Conservation, Archiving) or the "4-pillar principle" on which fiscalization in France is based.  


There are two ways to implement these requirements in compliance with the law:  


  1. Manufacturer certificate: get an individual certificate directly from the manufacturer of the accounting / management software or from the software manufacturer of your cash register solution.  

  2. Official certification: Have your cash register solution certified by a recognized inspection body.  


As middleware, our fiscal solution fulfills all legal requirements and, in conjunction with the respective POS system, enables legally compliant use in accordance with NF525 certification.   

The integration of our standardized interface (SDK) of our fiscal solution opens the door to the use of other country solutions.   

Your benefits are important to us!

Country-specific Country-specific
  • Certification expertise in France 
  • Support with invoice data capture:
    • Validation of company tax numbers for better data quality
    • Retrieval of address information based on the company tax number
    • Eliminate manual address data entry and save time during checkout checkout
  • Expertise as a POS software manufacturer for over 25 years   
  • One SDK integration for all countries  
  • Abstraction layer for country-, interface- and/or device-specific logics (cash register integration not applicable)   
  • Customised fiscal advice from our fiscal experts  
  • Numerous local partners (e.g. for the provision of field service by certified technicians)   
  • Analysis of your existing fiscal solution (e.g. fiscal hardware, operating infrastructure)  
  • A fiscal newsletter with prepared information for all countries 

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