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Fiscalisation Hungary

Our fiscal solution since: 2005

The use of a fiscal printer is required for the use of a POS system in Hungary. Our fiscal4brand fiscal solution includes an interface for controlling the fiscal printer. This ensures the legally compliant fiscalisation of transactions at the point of sale (POS). All tax-relevant information is automatically and securely transmitted online to the Hungarian tax authority.

With fiscal4band, you can quickly and easily integrate a standardised interface via a software development kit (SDK). This allows you to easily implement national requirements.

fiscal4band analyses all legally relevant cash register transactions and provides an abstraction layer. This informs the checkout staff, depending on the situation, whether and how a shopping basket needs to be changed in order to be completed in compliance with the law. This applies in particular to technically and legally complex shopping baskets.

With fiscal4brand you save yourself the trouble of implementing all country-, interface- and/or device-specific logics in your checkout software and adapting them to changes in the law.

Your benefits are important to us!

Country-specific Country-specific
  • NO certification, no code freeze / simple rollout of new versions
  • Support with invoice data capture:
    • Validation of company tax numbers for better data quality
    • Retrieval of address information based on the company tax number
    • Eliminate manual address data entry and save time during checkout  checkout
  • Abstraction layer for country-, interface- and/or device-specific logics (cash register integration not applicable)
  • Customised fiscal advice from our fiscal experts
  • One SDK integration for all countries
  • Expertise as a POS software manufacturer for over 25 years
  • Numerous local partners (e.g. for the provision of field service by certified technicians)
  • Analysis of your existing fiscal solution (e.g. fiscal hardware, operating infrastructure)
  • A fiscal newsletter with prepared information for all countries

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