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act’o-soft enters into partnership with the Hanover-based Hanover-based epap GmbH, a provider of digital for digital receipts and solutions.
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"The collaboration with epap is an important step towards sustainability. Fiscal requirements are becoming more complex and receipts in countries are getting longer. To save end customers from paperwork and reduce paper consumption in stores, digital receipts are a great addition to our pos4brand checkout solution."

Christian Malachowski, Managing Director at act’o-soft.

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The customer in the store can generate a digital receipt by scanning a QR code on the customer screen. After a successful scan, the customer receives the receipt in the epap app or receives a digital receipt customized by the retailer for download if the epap app is not yet installed on their smartphone.

“For retailers, epap means a new way to reach, shape and understand the customer – ways that were previously not possible via normal cash register receipts are made possible: via individual branding of the receipts, the integration of coupons or the use of the receipt as a feedback channel, customers can be activated and bound to the company in the long term. At the same time, the use of epap enables a sustainable and cost-saving solution to meet the receipt issue obligation digitally and to position itself more sustainably as a company. With act’o-soft we have found exactly the right partner who wants to further develop the processes for the retailer and thus for the end customer at the same time. In addition, act’o-soft has a leading market position in fashion and lifestyle retail as well as the right mindset for new innovations,” says Jannis Dust CMO at epap.

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Who is epap?

epap was founded in February 2020 by Fabian Gruß, Jannis Dust, Gerd Trang and Sebastian Berger in Hanover, Germany, with the mission to replace traditional cash register receipts with digital ones. Since the launch of the associated app in the fall of 2019, the number of users, cooperating POS systems and merchants as well as the created epaps has been steadily increasing. Currently, the benchmarks are close to 5,000 connected stores as well as soon 25,000 users.

In addition to the creation and management of digital receipts, epap supports users by providing a granular analysis of receipts as a digital budget book.

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